Customize WooCommerce email templates: The easy way for beginners

Hello WordPress lovers! If you are a WooCommerce user as I am, you know that we all want to have better transactional email templates. In my DiviSpark shop which I sell Child themes, I wanted to have better-looking, branded WooCommerce email templates. There are many ways to make them look better and professional but require … Read more

Interactive animated backgrounds in Divi or any WordPress site with ParticleGround.JS

Have you seen those wonderful animated backgrounds on websites(mostly on tech company websites) that respond to mouse moves? Recently I worked on a local company, and I added that wonderful feature, and the customer was pleased with it. So I thought if I showed you the way, the easy way actually, you can use it … Read more

How to Fix: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress

Last week One of my clients came to me asking for help regarding their website. He was trying to bring an old WordPress website he had to live again. But the problem is when he tried to see or access the WP dashboard, he got an error message saying ‘Your PHP installation appears to be … Read more