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Secure your website by hiding the login page: WPS hide login

It is really easy to access the login page of a WordPress website by anyone. Your login page shouldn’t be accessible to hackers and malicious attackers as they might get access to the admin area of your site. I no need to explain what will happen if they got access. fortunately, You have a simple and free option to hide your login page. WPS hide login plugin.

Yes, let’s see how we can secure our WordPress website with the WPS Hide Login plugin.

As you already know one can access your website’s login page by adding ‘/login, /admin, or /wp-admin’ after the URL. (example: They all will redirect you to the login screen of your website. One effective way to keep the hackers out is to move the WordPress login page to a new unique URL of your choice. Let’s see how we can do that.

Change your WordPress login page with a WPS Hide Login plugin

Go to Plugin > Add New and search for WPS Hide Login.

Secure your website by hiding the login page

Once you installed and activated it, go to Settings > WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide login settings

Set your custom Login URL and Redirection URL. The redirection URL is for If someone tried to access /wp-admin or /login pages the plugin will automatically redirect the user to this URL.

Once done save changes. Also, you can do this by editing the .htaccess files. It’s a more technical way of hiding the login page and I am not going to teach you that here as I am trying to tell you to do this with ease.

Anyway, comment below if you need any assistant. Good Luck!

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